Self Storage Mailbox Service at Standby West Molesey


TELEPHONE: 0208 398 3070


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Our Self Storage mailbox service in West Molesey gives customers the ability to divert or order their post and small packages to our secure location, where it can then be collected at their leisure. 

Why rent a Self Storage Mailbox Service

Know your deliveries are safe and not sitting on your doorstep unprotected.

Keep your home address private and important documents confidential for peace of mind.

Get mail at your convenience with 24/7 access.

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  • Security, Access Control and 24 CCTV Monitoring
  • 24 Hour Access To Your Mail Box
  • Pay monthly or in advance  and receive discount
  • Mail Forwarding service offered
  • Long and short term rents welcome
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Example Of Your Mail Box Address:

Your Name
Suite 10 (example)
Standby Business Centre
4 Island Farm Avenue 
West Molesey
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  • Your personal contact details
  • A credit or debit card payment set up on our system of monthly payments.
  • A form of Identification that can be copied
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Self Storage Mailbox Service in Molesey is a popular choice for customers requiring mail services

in Weybridge, Esher, Walton, Hampton, Kingston, Thames Ditton and Cobham.

About Standby Self Storage

Standby Self Storage Ltd was first founded in August 2008.  Before we opened our first site in Croydon, we looked around many different facilities, some local, some in other parts of the country and even one the other side of the world!   

During our research of the self-storage market, we realised that many of these facilities missed out on customers as they didn’t have ‘drive-up access’ enabling easy loading/unloading of their goods, ‘24 hour access’ allowing customers to store/collect their goods when it suited them and offering ‘clean dry and secure units’ giving them the most essential thing of all, peace of mind! 

With all these things in mind we wanted to provide the best service, we could to all our current & future customers.

The name Standby was chosen because our storage is always ready when you are!

The foundations of Standby Self Storage are based on this rule, giving customers secure 24-hour access to their storage unit,

7 days a week and also allowing customers to rent units any time of day. If you have any questions, visit our FAQ Page, or contact us here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements. One of the team will gladly assist in helping you choose the correct size for your goods.

Call 0808 501 6319mail us at

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