A Full-Scale Guide On The Basics of Storing In A Self-Storage Facility

The need to use a self-storage facility has arisen from a variety of business to personal reasons like needing a safe place to store equipment, storing business merchandise, relocating to a new house, or simply lacking enough space in the homes. Indeed, a self-storage unit can stock a mixture of items from segment to segment.

And though using a storage unit comes with many benefits, one needs to be well-informed on the need-to-know principles of self-storing. Before you decide on which self-storage facility you will use, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much storage space do I need?
  • How much will it cost me?
  • What storage facility is best for me?
  • What else can they offer?

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Choosing the right self-storage facility is hugely important considering the value of what you are entrusting them to keep and protect. Simply put, you want to make your storage process an easy, worth-every-penny experience.

And that’s where we come in. We want to help you make the most out of your self-storing venture thus we’ve come up with this A Full-Scale Guide On The Basics of Storing In A Self-Storage Facility. We highly recommend that you read up to the end as this will help you in so many ways.  

1. How much storage space do I need?

Set your budget according to the size of your unit. After considering space, determine also the number of days you plan to use the facility. Rightly calculate the cost based on the unit’s square footage and the length of time you require. Remember: the bigger the size, the lower the cost per square foot.

Let’s say for example if a square foot would cost around £2.80 and you’re looking to use a 40 square feet (5ft x 8ft) unit, that’ll be £112 pcm (per calendar month). Additional costs may add up to this depending on what other amenities or services you want to employ from the facility. But basically, a bigger space would cost you less per square foot.

Here at Standby Self Storage, our units range from a small space of 32 sq ft to a huge 160 sq ft. To help you visualize, a King Size bed measures at around 42.5 sq ft and an average garage and a half are roughly around 160 sq ft.

However, watching our size guide video will surely help you choose which storage unit size is best for your belongings. Check it out now.



Interested? You can easily get a Standby Self Storage quote here.

2. How much will it cost me?

The SSA (Self Storage Association) has released its annual industry report published last May 2020. It stated that the average net rental rate per annum is £22.82 per square foot.

However, this report is a national average on a base rate where VAT and insurance are not included. Rental rates may vary substantially depending on a lot of things which may dramatically increase or decrease the cost.


The store’s location will greatly affect the rate of your self-storage unit. It is common knowledge that storing within the Northern areas or at the Southwest are relatively cheaper than storing within Central London. As a rule of thumb, the closer you get to the major cities, the higher the storage prices become because of the real estate rates.

Standby Self Storage has branches that can accommodate your stowing in and out of Central London. Find out which one is nearest you. 

Our Branches

Horsham – RH13 5PX
Covering areas – Southwater, Billingshurst, Dialpost, Crawley, Faygate, Warnham and Broadbridge heath.

Croydon – CR0 3BR
Covering areas – Mitcham, Thornton Heath, Purley, West Wickham and Sutton.

Epsom – KT19 8SH
Covering areas – Chessington, Leatherhead, Epsom Downs, Ewell, Tolworth and Ashtead.

Molesey – KT8 2UZ
Covering areas – Richmond, Hampton, Hampton Court, Hersham, Walton-on-Thames and Twickenham.

Aylesbury– HP18 0QE
Covering areas – Bicester, Waddesdon, Cuddington, Oxford, Buckingham, Westcott, Luton, Thame and Kingswood.

Worthing – BN12 6PG
Covering areas – Lancing, Ferring, Littlehampton, Goring-by-sea, Shoreham, Rustington and Brighton.

Length of time

Price increases depending on how long you will be storing. Different companies offer various prices on weekly, monthly, and yearly rental rates. So decide, as early as possible, whether you need a short term or a long term rental.

Other amenities or services

Unit prices may include additional costs based on the amenities or other services a self-storage facility may offer, like:

Storage in Horsham Forklifting

  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring
  • 24-hour access 
  • Use of trolleys for loading and unloading
  • Use of forklifts
  • Drive-up units
  • Staff on site ready to assist 
  • Solo access to your unit
  • Onsite parking
  • Covered loading bay
  • Replacement value

You should note that NOT all companies offer ALL of the services mentioned above. That is why careful research should be done in choosing the self-storage facility you want to store with.

And so to get a quick and accurate self-storage unit cost in a location most convenient for you, get a Standby Self Storage quote here.

3. What storage facility is best for me?

We have discussed unit size options and the possible costing variations, now it’s time to cover the basics of a self-storage facility: site, store, access, security, insurance, deposit fee and rental time frame.

  • The Site

Always begin with the site for it will definitely reflect the kind of services you might expect them to give you. We suggest that you come up with a tick list and look carefully into these factors below before finally signing up with any self-storage facility.

  1. Condition of the facility as a whole
  2. Cleanliness of the area
  3. Dryness or dampness of the units
  4. Availability of the staff onsite
  5. Accessibility to your items
  6. Comfortability in terms of stairways or lifts
  7. Convenience of parking
  8. The overall dependability of the site

If you are curious of what usually happens in a storage site, we have a video here that shows you our typical day in Standby Self Storage.



  • The Store

What’s in a name? It’s reputation.

A reputable company doesn’t always come up with cheap offers, but they do present price-worth-paying proposals. Take into account that you are trusting them with your valuables. Sometimes, you need to pay extra just to make sure your items are well kept and protected.

Check also the customers’ reviews and the company ratings. Go over what the people say about their staff, their efficiency and their reliability.

This is what they are saying about us:

customer review

Want to read more? Pull up our Standby Self-Storage reviews here. 

  • The Ease of Access and Transport 

travel timeYour travel time is an important factor you need to think about when choosing the best self-storage facility for you. Pore over the distance you need to cover and the route you have to take. Also, determine if there are any restrictions on the accessibility to your self-storage. Know when it’s free or charged at certain hours.

It’s great to find the storage company you are most comfortable with. But, you also have to think of the ways you can move your items to their site if all of them would not fit in your car! Taking more than one trip just to transport your belongings to the site is quite a hassle. So, it would be advisable to check with the company if they have a vehicle available to move all your things in one go. Some companies may just recommend movers that will take care of it for you. Of course, expect additional charges will come with that.

  • The Safety, Security and LocksCCTV 24h

Your security comes in twofold: safety for your stored items and safety for you when you access your unit. It would be better if you can confirm if there are alarms installed on each unit. Additionally, we also suggest that you try walking around the self-storage facility to see if you feel safe being within the vicinity.

PadlockMany facilities would recommend or even sell appropriate storage locks for your unit. Some 40/50 mm lock that can secure the door catch would be available for purchase on the site. You will be solely responsible for its key.

  • The Insurance

Insurance is a must because there is no 100% assurance that something will not go wrong. Self-storage companies – whether big or small, modern or not – offer insurance as they acknowledge that something unexpected may happen. Insurance gives you peace of mind.

Make it a habit to study the insurance offers of these facilities. Some may include it already in their storage fees, others would have a separate service that you need to avail for your belongings. You must be able to identify the inclusions and level of coverage the insurance offers. READ the small print and check the price up or additional costs for this before you commit to any storage facility.

  • The Items for StowingStandby Self-Storage

Include also in your budget every box you will need for packing smaller items. Stacking boxes might save you a lot of space so you have to make sure that you sort your things in the unit evenly. For large items like furniture, a sheet or wrap as a covering would keep it protected while you move them around to maximise space. It is important that you plan ahead so you can budget accordingly.

  • The Deposit Payment

See if there any requirements for deposit payments and their inclusive terms. The rates may vary according to the store’s policies but most of them may have a deposit payment that may equal to half a month’s rent. Other companies may not require any deposits at all.

  • The Rental Time Frame

How long do you plan to store your items in their facility? Ask the company about their minimum rental period and the additional fees you may incur as you prolong the storage unit’s use.

  • The Unit Size

When all these things have been said and done, you simply cannot afford to forget to check that the unit size you want for your items are still available. Otherwise, you might be forced to size up or size down. Worse, you will need to look again for another self-storage facility.


Want to make sure if you are getting everything right with this guide? Get a Standby Self Storage quote here.

4. What else can they offer me?

What else can make us feel better than getting a good deal or a fair bargain?! We really do not want to pay for something we do not need. That is why many companies offer incentives to their first-time self-storage facility patrons.

A word of caution: Pay attention to the particulars. Yes, it is true that most companies truthfully present ways for you to save in bringing the rates down yet, it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious on how the prices are listed on these deals. There would be a few days difference, but still, the effect on the prices should be noted.

What Standby Self Storage offers:

Standby Self Storage is a family-owned enterprise that has been in the storage business for 50 years. Currently, we have a special offer that applies to all our branches and locations. It’s a deal of Three Months for The Price of Two at All Locations. Click here for more info.

Storing at Standby Self Storage will open you to the following features and facilities:Site Amenities

  • Size Guide 
  • 24-hour secure access 
  • Drive-up units
  • Short Term and Long Term Rentals
  • Personal access code
  • On-hand customer support
  • Boxes for sale at Horsham and Molesley branches
  • Strong Shelving and Racking for sale or rent
  • Clean, dry and secure units

See how Standby Self Storage works. Watch this video.


Please contact us via phone or email to discuss your requirements further. You can also check out the location pages for availability and rentals. We also have the ability to call upon additional yard space, storage units, office space and shipping containers if necessary for short or long term contracts.

We can also recommend removal companies and transport for collections and deliveries (depending on availability).

Important Notice: Most Standby Self Storage staff are working remotely now so please direct questions via email or phone wherever possible.


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