Self Storage Has Changed

Self Storage Has Changed

No more iron corridors, full of customers trying to drag their belonging along on heavy trolleys,  Standby Self Storage is the way to go, you can drive straight up to your unit. Clean, Dry Metal Containers play host to a wide range of small business and public who want to store their cherished items.

Small business are attracted to the flexibility, the short-notice periods, and low overheads, No council tax,  it’s all included in the rent, you have choice, choose the unit size you require, you can always move to a another unit (subject to availability) should you need a larger or smaller one.

24 hour access means you can pop round whenever you need, access the centre by your personal pin code. Toilets are on site, and at our Horsham Centre is have Free Wi-Fi.

Other sites include Croydon (Close to Purley Way) and Epsom.

In the run-up to Christmas, businesses rent units to keep up with the festive rush. Rent Yours Today!

We now have a new self storage facility which will be open in early 2015 click here of more information 

if we don’t have a location near you, we will soon!

for more information why not contact us on 0208 398 3070 or