Save Space, Store Safe: Stow Your Belongings in Packing Boxes

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What’s so great about our Molesey, Aylesbury, and Horsham branches? Well, we have packing supplies and packing boxes available there! 

Wait, Should I Buy Packing Boxes?

Whether you want to just declutter and store your items in self-storage facilities or you need to transport your items, then our best answer is YES. Moving boxes and packing materials will definitely help you pack or move your things the right way.

Consider the following pointers why you should stack in packing boxes:

  • Boxes are more durable than stacking in plastic bags because plastic bags could easily tear and quickly trap moisture.
  • Piling books in heavy-duty boxes avoid damaging their spines.
  • Storing bubble-wrapped picture frames and other fragile materials vertically in good quality boxes protects them from being broken.
  • Stacking individually bubble-wrapped plates on end and nesting individually wrapped cups together in sturdy packing boxes, not the ones that come from grocery stores, will make it easier for you to move these items around.
  • Packing in boxes allows you to label them on one side for better organization and inventory.
  • Packing in boxes also creates more space for you to walk around between the stacks.
  • Uniform, same-size boxes pile up nicely together. If possible, purchase boxes of the same brand from the same supplier. 
  • Boxes filled to its full capacity is a space-saving technique. The tighter the box, the safer it is for the items inside.
  • Stacking in boxes compels you to seal the box entirely with tape – making sure that every corner is secured properly. By doing this, dust and dirt are prevented from coming in and damaging your belongings.

What Packing Supplies Do You Sell?

At our Molesey, Aylesbury, and Horsham facilities, we try our best to give you convenience by having your basic packing needs within your reach.

Double Skinned Cardboard Boxes

We have a good range of well-priced cardboard boxes ideal for transport or long term storage.

  • Small Carton 6 (465 x 340 x 350mm) – This box size is ideal for small and yet heavy items like CDs, books, etc.
  • Medium Carton 20 (465 x 465 515mm) – This box size is great for small to medium-sized items like ornaments, kitchen utensils, etc.
  • Large Carton 30 (460 x 460 x 780mm) – This box size is perfect for larger but lighter objects like frames, home decors, etc.
  • The Archiver Box  (400 x 350 x 250mm) – This standard archive box is best for office and personal paperwork and business records.

Packing boxes 2

Bubble Wrap

This packing material is fundamental to storing or moving fragile items. We offer small and large quantities of bubble wrap.

  • Small Bubble Wrap (500mm x 10m)
  • Large Bubble Wrap (500mm x 100m)

Bubble Wrap Sizes

Brown Packing Tape (50m)

Can it get worse than boxes coming open during transport? Secure your packing boxes with a strong brown tape.

Packing Tape

It is always best that you take time to plan and organize your belongings before you pack. However, if you have storage-related questions, do not hesitate to speak with one of our Standby Self-Storage experts to assist you at the soonest.



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