Winter Self Storage

Happy New Year From Standby Self Storage.

So far this winter has been very tame on the temperature front. With it set to be one of the warmest winters on record, however at the same time is it set to be one of the wettest? with parts of northern England flooded and some very mild flooding in the south. This shows one of the most important issues when building a self storage facility is to insure there is no risk of flooding in the area, with many people piling their cherished belongings in to storage units for safe keeping while their homes are flooded, the last thing they would want to happen is for those goods to also be unusable or dammaged.


Many of us in this country love the outdoors in the summer months however the winter can be a different story. its quite common for peoples garden furniture and outdoor accessories to be neglected in the winter. Either being left out in the wet and cold or in a damp garage to go mouldy.

Just by taking a little time out of your day you can ensure your garden furniture is looking its best for the spring/summer ahead.

Scrub It Up

Its essential that prior to storing any outdoor furniture it is given a wipe over or clean and that goes especial for wooden furniture as well as metal to ensure you prevent rust and corrosion as well as rot to the timber. There are many different products on the market which can ease the job however a low cost solution and often very effective would be some warm soapy water.

Protect it

After cleaning its important to allow some drying time this will depend of the temperature and wether condition however once dry you are ready to move on to the next step. depending on the furniture you are planning to store for the winter months you may wish to treat it with a laker, wax or oil for timber or a hammerite for metal. Don’t forget prior to treatment to check for any signs of rust or rot and treat accordingly with a rust or rot killer to prevent further damage.


Store It

You are now ready to select a storage option for your garden furniture and outdoor accessories. Depending on the space you have available you may wish to store it in your garage, loft, basement or cupboard under the stairs. However if you find you have not got the space, just a small budget we can offer you a convenient place to store your accessories and furniture for short or long term with 24 hour access you and also store at your leisure preventing you from having to tae time off work.