Do Storage Units Get Condensation?

Answer: All our container units are specced for self storage use, have ventilation and are sealed wind and watertight. It is important to remember, if someone brings wet items into the unit there will be condensation issues as this water will be trapped inside, as would occur with any self storage unit in an industrial building.

  • We are members of and follow the container self storage and traders association’s guidance.
  • Shipping containers are great for storage providing they are looked after and ventilated correctly.  A very large amount of modern day consumables spend months in shipping containers in all weather conditions at sea, before they reach the UK market eg. televisions, iPhones, furniture and thousands of other products.

All we ask is you ensure all your items are dry before going into storage. e.g fridges/ freezers/ washing machines, any business equipment etc.  We will do the rest!