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Document Storage and Archiving

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We are here to assist

Some form of Document storage is essential for any successful business. Whether its last years’ invoices, banks statements or information stored for an important client. An office filled up with boxes is costing you money. When you consider the high rent and rates one pays for office space these days. If you want to make room for a new employee or just wish to have a tidy up at the office at Standby self-storage, We have the low-cost storage solutions for all your document storage needs From 50 boxes 200,000 we have the answer for you and your business.

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We offer three levels of service:

1. Private archive store you bring the boxes we provide the racking You have 24-hour access 365 days a year to access your documents and boxes as you wish was an easy low-cost monthly charge.

2. Private archive store call us and will come and pick up the boxes and put them in your racked unit as desired you have 24-hour access 365 days a year to access your documents and boxes any time you wish was an easy monthly payment.

3. We pick up and deliver the boxes if you wish you may have your own private archive from where only your documents and boxes are stored all for smaller numbers of boxes and documents may be placed into our archive box system all boxes are individually tracked by barcode Initial collection of the boxes is free and it’s only a small fee for retrieving a box Standby self-storage simple Archive storage solutions.

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