Business Storage Solutions

We have the Business Storage Solution for you!

Whether you require document storage or storage for inventory or excess business stock,

we provide a variety of commercial storage options for your business.


At Standby Self Storage we have units ready to go, whether your a sole trader

or a multi-national company. 

We have ground-level units that can be driven straight up to enabling easy loading & unloading as well as lower cost upper-level units for long term storage when between properties etc. Additionally, our forklift truck service is available on request.

The Site is easily accessible by vans and HGVs.

Do I need Insurance for my Goods?

  • Standby Self Storage is accessible 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Electric gates with personal pin coded entry unique to each customer
  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring to ensure your goods are kept safe
  • A range of containers from 32 to 320 sq. ft, ensuring we meet your requirements
  • Toilet facilities on site


Business Storage Made Easy

A clutter-free, well-organised workplace can impress clients, reduce stress for your management team,

and as a result, increase productivity for your entire staff.


  • Create more space for your business to work with
  • Overcome logistical headaches (like inventory overflow)
  • Manage your stock efficiently
  • Handle seasonal fluctuations and other changes in supply/demand
  • Spend more time improving your business and most importantly, less time worrying about your business storage space).


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