5 Factors that Affect Self Storage Prices

Why do self-storage prices differ so much?

Quite often customers will ask this question. Especially if they are new to self-storage.

This can be dependent on a number of factors.


5 Factors that Affect Self Storage Prices


5 Factors that Affect Self Storage Prices

Location – The Location of a Self Storage facility is a massive factor for the overheads of the business. Quite often if the Store is in the centre of town and is visible to a high level of footfall/traffic this will considerably affect the cost of the building/land per square foot.

There are some positives to this though. Quite often the facilities are easy to find and maybe close to home or work which is a useful advantage if you are planning to visit the location regularly. Self Stores further out of town vice versa, quite often offer a reduced monthly rate but may be set in a less prominent position.

It is also worth noting the difference between pricing throughout the country depending on the area. Different towns and areas vary. The same as property in the south, the closer into London the property, the more cost to the business per square foot.

Security – One of the most important factors for the customer. Security protects your cherished goods and belongings which you are paying to store. You should expect any self-storage facility to have a good CCTV and Access Control System so they know who is in and out the site.

Pricing – Different self-storage operators will offer this pricing up in a variety of ways, including weekly, 4 weekly and calendar monthly. Its essential these are compared pound for pound when comparing companies prices. Make sure you know when your planning to leave your storage unit, some companies will quote “its only £*** for the first 6 weeks”  with the steep increase thereafter. Meaning if you overrun on your time you initial planned time in storage you may find the costs have sharply risen.

Business Rates – Business rates costs for self-storage companies will vary between the area of the country. It is also worth noting the difference between warehouse self-storage and container self-storage. With the rate cost for a warehouse being considerably higher than the container self-storage site.

Level of service – There are lots of different levels of service in self-storage. This very much depends on the company policy and the way the site operates.

We operate two levels of service at our sites:

1) Manager operated – where a site manager is appointed to keep the site in good order. Forklift services are available subject to site and booking. Additional features also include Mailboxes, moving boxes for sale, key holding and taking in orders on the customer’s behalf and assisting customers where possible (subject to agreement).

2) Automated facility – we operate four automated self-storage facilities. These facilities are all monitored by head office staff using our CCTV and access control. Our maintenance team then visit the site regularly to keep the site tidy, check units and ensure everything is up to standard. We also offer a click and collect padlocks on automate site so the customer can collect a padlock ready for their move. Different companies will operate with different procedures and levels of automation.

Summary – All these points are considering factors when choosing a self-storage location and unit best suited for our needs. It is worth taking the time to weigh up the options available.



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We make sure that we cover every essential of self-storage services. Our branches offer a secure compound with an easy “drive-up” access, 24/7 CCTV monitoring, and various unit size that range from 32 to 320 sq.ft too.

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